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Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars Selected workshop and seminar projects will include:
  • Improving agro-tourism for regional development
  • Assessing the roles of forestry and alley-cropping in development
  • Conserving forests as an environmental eco-balance
  • Inspiring and exploring the potentials of women in agricultural development
  • Defining development
  • Measuring poverty and achieving well-being
  • The GNP, Physical Quality of Life Index and the Human Development Index
  • Understanding the poor
  • Actors in poverty alleviation-national and international
  • Post-crisis developments efforts
  • Global commitments and their use
  • Evolving concepts of development aid
  • Understanding national capacity
  • Understanding project development including:
  • bottom up vs. top down approaches
  • overcoming the psychology of marginalization
  • values and entrepreneurship
  • working with community-based organisations
  • the politics of CBO-NGO-Government-International agendas
  • community mobilisation strategies
  • participatory rural appraisal
  • project appraisal methods, including benefit/cost analysis
  • role of technical assistance
  • financing the poor
  • Integrating conservation and development
  • Technology choices
  • Materials workshops on appropriate technologies
  • Geographic information Systems (GIS)
  • Micro-credit/micro-enterprise models and constraints
  • Improving accountability to the poor
  • Monitoring as a planning tool
  • Upgrade Farms as a business
  • Farming improvement
  • Turning farms into business enterprises

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