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i.  Education and awareness creation in 20 communities
In the year 2003, the institute started adopting a more vigorous and holistic approach to AIDS awareness creation. The institute will conduct sensitisation workshops and seminars for pastors, rural youth teachers, women leaders, farmers groups and especially those in the outskirts of the district. the institute is working in collaboration with the Ghana Aids Commission. Through brass band marches, film shows, condom distributions, seminars and workshops, it is hoped that a lot of people will know about the deadly disease and protect themselves against it.
ii.  Humanitarian assistance to HIV victims
HIV victims are humiliated in the society such that they isolate themselves from people. Through the hospitals and unit committees in the communities, aids victims will be identified and assisted with clothing, foodstuffs, drugs, cash and other recreational materials to make them feel regenerated in the society. the institute hopes to secure some funding for the identified victims. Most will be identified in prayer camps.
iii.  Identification and provision of assistance to orphans of HIV victims
As a pilot project, orphans of HIV victims from 30 communities will be identified and assisted with basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter, and they will be provided with educational support such as school uniforms, second hand shoes and other educational materials.
iv.  Free counselling and HIV testing campaigns
The institute in collaboration with RUCNET and Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) will provide free counselling and voluntary HIV testing for 10 communities in the Ejisu-Juaben District.
  • It must be stated that all of these programmes will be carried out in conjunction with the Ghana Aids Commission (GAC).

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