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Health Promotion

Health Promotion
i.  Community Health Education (CHE)
The Institute believes that the health of the rural people is seriously undermined with the current public and private system. Most people die from illness that could have been cured at the early stages. Health care, both preventative and cure should thus be taken to the doorstep of the rural people and they should be assisted to afford it. Hence the follow-up to training received by some staff of the institute in the United States, the institute plans to embark on Pilot community Based Health Care and Agric Improvement programme together with the Rural Care Network, and the Medical Ambassadors International, USA & Canada. The programme will include education to health groups, with reference to reproductive health, old age and children's health., eye, dental and ear care, and general fitness and will include raising communities own resource persons to provide health care to the communities. The other side of the programme includes improving agriculture - the main profession in rural areas - to improve their incomes to enable them to afford health care.
ii.  Medicinal Plant Conservation (Medicinal Plant Garden)
The institute hopes to establish a medicinal plant garden to conserve the medicinal plants in the district. Funding is being sort for this project. Mou with the RUNCET and Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC) is already completed and the programme is due to take off.

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