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Employment Creation and Training

Employment creation and training Through the PVDP, one of the basic problems ascertained was unemployment and low incomes among the people. The solutions suggested include skill training and start-up capital for establishment. This training is done in close collaboration with the minister of manpower and development, Ghana Organic Agriculture Network and the national Vocational Training Institute (NVTI). Trainees constructing rabbit hutches and storage cribs at our old site in Boadi (1990/91) Training and Establishment Programme Based on the training-production-marketing concept, selected youth (women as priority) from 20 communities will be trained in the following trades. A revolving fund credit scheme will e set up to provide start-up capital for participants. The participants as a cooperative, a selected rural bank, and the institute will manage this fund. The trade areas as suggested by the people include:
  • Kente (cloth) Weaving and Basketry
  • Wood works and Carving
  • Soap making, Batik and Tie And Die
  • Pastries and confectioneries, toffees etc.
  • Dress making
  • Carpentry
  • Bee keeping, Mushroom and Snail Farming
  • Grass cutter and Rabbit production
  • Vegetable Production and Citrus Nursery Management
abusuayedom                sikafutro             tokukratoma (Examples of kente weaving)

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