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Programme of Activities and target Plan for 2007 -2010 (see links below) Rural Development and Community Extension Department
' Service to the rural people ' In pursuing the development section of the goals of the Institute, the rural development and community extension department was set up to coordinate activities between the institute and, rural farmers, communities, community based organisations, local and international development organisations and district assemblies.
The goal of the department is to improve the social and economic lives of rural dwellers through coordination with other organisations with similar goals and through direct participatory contacts with the rural people. The focus groups include adult farmers , women, youth, children, the aged and the disabled, and HIV-AIDS victims. These years are challenging for the institute because the nation is beginning to notice the effects of the macro economics policies of the new government and decentralisation approaches are being stressed. The expectations of the rural people are very high. KITA and hence this department is now more than ever expected to impact positively on the lives of the rural people in this era of positive change. We are glad to acknowledge the support of the Ministries of Food and Agric (MOFA), Education (MOE), Manpower Development & Employment (MMDE) and Local Government (MLG). Message from the Director Introduction [Please follow the links below or use those on the drop-down menu above to explore KITA's diverse activities in the rural community.]
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Employment Creation and Training Agriculture and Food Security Environmental Conversation Rural Diversification Disabled, the Aged and Children HIV –AIDS Health Promotion Networking Staff Capacity Building Permaculture Water, Sanitation and Housing scheme Sports and Recreation IT Development Culture and Tourism Participatory Village Development Programme Workshops and Seminars

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