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Short Courses

Short Courses DOWNLOAD SHORT COURSES FORMS HERE: https://kitaghana.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/short-course-forms-for-website-2016.pdf KITA runs short courses for interested practicing and prospective young and mature farmers, illiterate and literate. this is done through 1 - 4 weeks seminars, workshops meetings and conferences. Participants receive intensive practical and theoretical training in the fields chosen. Courses are run in the local dialect where necessary. Participants are offered certificates after completion. Trainees are offered work on organic farms Currently, available courses include: Organic Farming Technology, Beekeeping, Vegetable Farming, Agro-forestry technology, Erosion and Soil Conservation, Animal Husbandry, Crops Husbandry, Agric. extension, Fish farming, Horticulture, Landscape Design, Crab Production, irrigation Technology, Project Proposal Writing, Farm Design/Permaculture, Farm Management.
  • Practical intensive on-farm attachments accompany all courses ranging from 1 to 3 weeks.
Kita introduces new competency based farmer education and training programs Kita introduces competency based farmer education and training programs to assist prospective and practising farmers to improve upon their managerial and technical skills. These short management and vocational training courses for enterprise development is tailored for farm managers, farm owners, civil servants, Non-governmental Organisations - NGOs, Farmer Based Organisations - FBOs, Community Based Organisations -CBOs, Youth groups, individuals, Churches and others who are interested in beginning a farm enterprise or improving an existing farm. KITA believes that Farming is a dignified career that the youth can enter and be successful. It can be run independently and alongside other businesses. Farming, if well planned, can be very sustainable as a career. By receiving the requisite training, one can easily excel as a farmer. We regret that in Ghana farming has been undermined by the youth as ‘traditional’ and left to the ‘old men’ and women who do not have the strength to produce enough food to support the growing population in Ghana's current dispensation. We encourage more of the youth to go into farming. The Farmer Education and Training Programs are also tailored towards working civil servants. Most of the civil servants receive meagre salaries that are incapable of sustaining their families. At KITA we believe that families can earn more than their monthly salaries if they invest in an agro-enterprise. Agro-enterprises such as Mushroom Production, Poultry Production, Grass cutting Production, Rabbit Production, Organic Vegetable Production, Beekeeping, Snail Farming etc are very good income generating agro enterprises that have a high potential for sustaining families. KITA's assessment of Oyster Mushroom production reveals a large market for fresh organic and processed mushrooms. It can be easily nurtured in the urban cities and rural areas and sustain women who are in trades of various kinds. The KITA Alumni Association of Mushroom Growers are making a great impact in mushroom production and processing and we want to encourage more people to go into mushroom production since it has a great export potential and even a large consumer size in the local market. See also:

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