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Current Challenges For the Institute 1. Promoting the transfer of modern food production and agricultural technologies to institutions, families and individuals, and rural economies, thereby reducing food insecurity. 2. Exploring the potentials of Permaculture in providing green appropriate affordable housing to reduce the rural homeless in Ghana The potential of Permaculture for solving these problems looks great and KITA wants to establish the first permaculture training institute in Ghana. 3. More overseas training for staff especially in sustainable agricultural, sustainable rural development, and environmental conservation. 4. Environmental recovery and protection programmes; central community nursery for free tree seedling creation. 5. Youth employment creation 6. Nutritional improvement for rural families, farm diversification programmes 7. More research into appropriate practices for rural development and sustainable agriculture. 8. Agribusiness training for staff and local farmers; turning farms into businesses; making peasant farmers plan for their retirement. If you or your organisation is able to help KITA meet its challenges please Contact Us

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